Articles Published

2010 Curvilinear Lines in Motion: A Survey of Pieces Created in Support of an Installation With Planar Layered Surfaces

Sixth International Conference of Mathematics & Design, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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2007 From Islamic Architecture To Algorithm: Reconstructing A Ceiling of An Iranian Mosque

Fifth International Mathematics & Design Conference
Furb- Blumenau- Santa Catarina- Brasil
ISBN: 978-8507114-175-4

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2004 Three-Dimensional Optical Illusion Through Layered Planar Surfaces

Fourth International Conference of Mathematics and Design
Mar Del Plata, Argentina
ISSN: 1515-7881 Journal Of Mathematics & Design

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2003 Geometric Designs In Architecture And Textiles Revisited And Reconstructed Through Layered Planar Geometry

Meeting Alhambra
Isama- Bridges Conference
University Of Granada, Granada, Spain

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2000 Nearing Convergence
An interactive Set Design for Dance
The Intersection of Physical Movement and Optical Form

The paper was presented at BRIDGES Mathematical Connection in Art & Music & Science, at the Southwestern College, Kansas The Performance was premiered at the Egg in Albany, NY and the BOLAND Theater at Berkshire Community College

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1998 Layered Planar Geometry And Its Three-Dimensional Occurrence in Space: Fundamental Concepts I Visual Arts

Mathematics & Design 98
University Of The Basque Country
San Sebastian – Spain
Proceedings Of The Second International Conference
ISBN: 84-600-9459-6

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1997 Virtual Movement Through Planar Geometry: Fundamental Concepts In Visual Art

Journal For Geometry And Graphics
Heldermann Verlag
ISBN: 1433-8157

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